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“Small businesses must embrace new technology or risk being left behind” says Alex Hobbs. We say iStreet delivers on all fronts…

This from AlexHobbs via Linkedin. RECENT technological advances, while enabling companies to be constantly connected to their customers and suppliers across a range of channels (driving both cost and productivity benefits), have also radically changed how consumers view firms. In one of the more obvious manifestations of the trend, a recent First Direct report found… Read more »

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Should this be a problem for shops and publishers? “Digital editions overtake sales of traditional books”.

Article from The Times 20th May 2014. In a development that will spell gloom for Britain’s bookshops, more people are now buying ebooks than traditional paper versions, a report due out today will say. Research by the professional services group Deloitte suggests that book purchasing has reached a tipping point. For the first time a… Read more »

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Big Data. Information Concept.

With iStreet every sole trader and business can access big data in the most simple and effective way.

The Big Data we will provide to every iStreet business will change forever the way they market themselves. It’s a revolution for the High Street, the industrial estates and every sole trader. Here’s a recent BBC report about Big Data, but rest assured, our solution is the simplest and most straight forward approach to analytics…. Read more »

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Could we hatch a British Twitter? Maybe through iStreet…

The following article from Rory Cellan-Jones the BBC Technology Correspondent was first published last November. What has happened since then? For Jack Dorsey, Ev Williams and Biz Stone these are heady days. A plan hatched just seven years ago now looks certain to culminate in a triumphant stock market debut for Twitter this week. But… Read more »

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An independent beauty salon

Independent retailers plug high street gaps left by chain store exodus. Research shows number of independent shops on British high streets has risen every year since 2009 – but growth is slowing

From Zoe Wood. The Guardian. 25th March 2014. Independent mobile phone shops, barbers, tailors and tattoo parlours are becoming the new linchpins of Britain’s rapidly changing high streets as the exodus of chain stores continues. “As chains cut their links with high streets our towns are showing signs of reverting to older models of economic… Read more »

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Former Tesco boss Sir Terry Leahy calls for business rates overhaul.

Sir Terry Leahy, former Tesco chief executive, has said the business rates system should be reformed and “probably scrapped”. He told BBC Breakfast it “has not worked for years”. “It is an ancient tax based on the value of physical buildings,” he said. Sir Terry said in a “modern digital economy” with mobile phone and… Read more »

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According to John Longworth, director-general of the British Chambers of Commerce a funding crisis is ‘preventing rise of a British Google’.

Extract taken from The Times Newspaper January 2014. Companies are continuing to be blighted by the cost of doing business and the Government must realise this and act to nurture confidence, the leading voice of small and medium-sized enterprises has warned. In his new year’s message, John Longworth, director-general of the British Chambers of Commerce,… Read more »

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Interesting marketing story from the BBC website. Detroit: The branding of a bankrupt city By Aidan Lewis BBC News, Washington.

Detroit’s history of industrial decline and financial failure has culminated in bankruptcy. So why have some companies been using the city’s name to sell their products? Detroit’s woes are well documented – an economic powerhouse reduced to a shrinking, impoverished and decaying shell of its former self. It is a story one might expect marketing and… Read more »

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Anthony Hilton is right, but it’s just one piece of the jigsaw. “Turning retail into residential would be a High Street winner”.

Britain is becoming a nation of empty shops. Even in London, the UK’s beacon of prosperity, one in 11 stands empty. Out of London, in the less prosperous areas round Manchester or in the North-East, the figure is more like one in five. A large number of the buildings that still have tenants may no… Read more »

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Bringing towns to life in 2014.

iStreet has all the answers to the High Street questions. Articles like this from AMT reinforce the fact that our platform will help to deliver the required change. [From AMT Towns Live] Towns remain an important part of the national psyche, where we do business, enjoy our spare time and do battle to safeguard them… Read more »

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